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Our purpose is building our players’ confidence with supportive and compassionate training so all can succeed in their own path. Because our certified trainers lead every session with our innovative methodology, our players are able to effectively gain confidence in their skills and themselves. 

a platform that promotes self confidence through innovative basketball training.

In Person




Using our unique DoubleDown basketball training approach, in-person sessions pay close attention to detail, and creating good habits for you to follow as you continue to enhance your game. Working with our certified trainers, we will guide you through drills, exercises and in-game simulations that’ll fit you as a player, and help build you into the player you envision.

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Virtual Training allows us to provide detailed instruction and work directly with our clients, even if we’re unable to be in the same gym or meet face to face. Through a variety of platforms such as Zoom, virtual training connects our trainers and clients across the world, and offers live and on-demand access to our workouts, drills, and exercises.

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How we came to be.

Co-Founders Ridge and TJ created DoubleDown Worldwide with a mission to motivate players with compassion, faith, and support. It started in the early days of playing basketball.

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why we’re different

We are revolutionizing what basketball can do for developing players by providing an unmatched experience. We help players build confidence through innovative training and compassionate mentorship within an inclusive environment.

What People Are Saying

Working out with Ridge Shipley has tested me mentally and I love it. My ball handling has become second nature and overall game has improved drastically with his new style of training.

– Cameron Hunt, Pro Basketball Player, NAIA Player of the Year

Anytime you can combine two great minds that are able to translate their experiences playing in phenomenal teachers of the game you end up with TJ Cline and Ridge Shipley. DoubleDown will change your basketball life on and off the court.

– Nancy Lieberman, Basketball Hall of Famer, BIG3 Champion, Coach of the Year

Ridge Shipley made me get comfortable being uncomfortable in all movements to gain that extra advantage on any player.

– Nick Banyard, Pro Basketball Player, UCF Alumni

TJ Cline brings a high level of work ethic and skill to his training. His attention to the small details translates to real game situations.

– Marcus Foster, Euroleague, 2X First Team All-Big East

Working with Ridge Shipley is extremely helpful because his perception on ball handling is challenging and unique. This gives me the opportunity to learn different moves and techniques to elevate my ball handling.

– Jeffery Carroll, Pro Basketball Player, Oklahoma State Alumni

TJ Cline has transitioned my game in a short amount of time. Within 2 months, I saw major jumps of improvement in multiple areas. Training with TJ has built my confidence and gotten me ready to play at the collegiate level.

– Duncan Powell, North Carolina A&T Commit

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