Build confidence through hard work.

We are revolutionizing basketball, starting by the way players train. 


How we came together

TJ Cline and Ridge Shipley first met in middle school. In 8th Grade, TJ heard about the up and coming seventh grader’s basketball moves. “I was keeping my eye out for competition to make the team,” TJ jokes. They would end up parting ways going to different high schools and would only meet again on the court. Mutual admiration was born from the other’s motivation, ambition, and skill in basketball. This became the foundation of their enduring friendship.


Playing in the summers together in between high school and college, they would meet up at the REC center to catch up and trade skills to improve. Every summer they practiced it formed a more aligned path of their futures.


Ridge shifted his focus to training other players with his own innovative methodology. He began to train TJ as he went to play professionally in Europe. As they built trust from consistent training, they were also fostering an experience that was needed in the rest of the basketball community: a trainer willing to lean into the player’s needs, to mold their energy and confidence, in order to make them great. This ignited the fire to start what would become DoubleDown Worldwide. We exist to provide certified training for players to maximize their value.



To believe that we have higher purpose than what is immediately staring at us, and the ultimate belief in our teammates that we will get it done. ​


To jump back into every challenge and withstand the tests that life throws at us.


To be the support that our fellow person needs, and to not be afraid to ask for help when we need it. 


To believe we are capable of our dreams and we deserve what we work for.

Co-founder Ridge Shipley

Bet on Yourself Moments:

  • Transferred to a high school that had no culture around basketball. The team’s previous year was 0-10. Became the player for the team to rally behind. 


  • Highschool Senior Year worked hard to get the recruitment no one expected and ended up gaining 10 College offers.


  • Became a part of an athletic program at Cal Poly that had no legacy before.  Started a culture on doubling down on your dreams. 


  • Created a training business after graduating college. Was able to train dozens of professional and collegiate players to their potential under his program of Ridges Rhythm. 


Co-founder TJ Cline

Bet on Yourself Moments:

  • Was on JV at Plano West as a Junior, trained everyday to make varsity. Eventually won Offensive Player of the Year (District 9-5A).
  • Summer between Junior and Senior college year TJ flew to California to train with Sacramento Kings with his mom as Assistant Coach. Became Atlantic 10  Player of the Year. 
  • Went to NBA Summer League with the Milwaukee Bucks without knowing how’d he perform next to the NBA’s players. Added a big jump in an average playing time of 17 min.
  • Traveled to different teams in the European league from Turkey, Italy, and currently Israel, always chasing his dreams even in the face of uncertainty.

Ridge starts at Hebron High School Varsity Team

TJ starts at Plano West High School Varsity



During the summer, Ridge plays for the Texas Titans and Dallas Mustangs clubs

TJ wins the District’s Offense Player in his Junior Year

Ridge becomes #3 Point Guard in Texas. He contributes to Hebron’s school record of longest winning streak with 34 wins in a row. 

TJ starts at Richmond University in the fall

Ridge starts at Cal Poly in the fall



Ridge advances with Cal Poly to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history

At Richmond, TJ becomes the 2nd player in school history to be named Atlantic 10 Player of the Year



Ridge is named Cal Poly’s MVP. Cal Poly is named to Second Team All Big West honor. 

TJ is awarded Player of the Year in his senior year at Richmond

Ridge starts his own training business, Ridge’s Rhythm

TJ goes on with his team to win the Israel State Cup Championship



TJ joins the Israeli National Basketball Team and becomes MVP in the 1st game

TJ signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv

DoubleDown Worldwide is created


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