Train in a competitive, inclusive environment for your skill set.

where consistent results meet positive impacts.

Our philosophy is to enhance the connection between what we call “the 3 B’s” – Brain, Body, and Basketball. Every skill on the court stems from the relationship between a player and the ball. We want to help players build this relationship, and promote a confidence within that allows them to play with a rhythm, and reach their full potential. 

how it works

1. sign up

We ask each client to fill out an entry survey to assess their current talent level, strengths, and weaknesses on the court

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2. get paired

Our goal is to understand the player you want to become, and then pair you with the certified trainer who will best fit your desired skills.

3. start training

Then, we build a custom training blueprint that’ll help us elevate your game, and with hard work, develop you into the player you envisioned.

4. gain support

When you join the DoubleDown family you are walking into a community that you can trust. We built our organization so that every player that joins finds their path towards success. The culture we instill is one of respecting our players, their ideas, beliefs, and boundaries. We love igniting the fire in our players. It’s what we are here for. We are nothing else but a support system for you. Know when you join us, you will have a space to feel safe to be vulnerable, so you can expand your skills and mindset. 

Start training with us

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and most importantly,

have fun

bet on yourself

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